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In today’s job market, a resume is a necessary tool for securing employment. Whether you are in school studying for your future job or whether you are working but seeking a better job. Most employers and recruiters will require that you submit a resume to them.

Your resume tells a potential employer about you. It tells the employer or recruiter where you’ve been, where you are at present and what your future intentions are.

Let our Professional Resume Writing Service assist you with your Career Goals. It’s worth the investment.

Our price is $45.00 – a lot lower than most of the Resume Services that are available.

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  • Describe the type of employment you are looking for and other types of employment that will be acceptable. (Example; I am seeking employment as a safety technician but I will accept employment as a scaffold inspector or a confined space attendant.)
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  • Provide a brief description of yourself that includes what job you are looking for, your abilities, certifications, skills, and education. This is what you want the employer or recruiter to see first. (Example; Experienced B Class Structural Welder and Pipe Fitter Helper, trained through the ABC Pelican Chapter Trade School and OJT with CB&I, and James Construction. Post-Secondary Education includes Industrial Trade School and College.) If you are an Entry Level Job Seeker then provide provide brief information about yourself and what type of job you would like to apply for.
  • Are you a member of any clubs? Provide the name and address of the club and describe what your club does.
  • Describe any community service or volunteer work you performed and the organizations or companies through which those services were performed.
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